About us

It is the desire of our hearts to grow in love and understanding of God on a daily basis and to walk in everything he has prepared for us. Christ in us the hope of glory! The love and power of God shall be expressed through our lives. With our multiple gifts and our many years of experience we want to serve the body of Christ to live in the fullness in all areas, and to reign in the authority, that Jesus Christ has acquired for us.

Make way to the Lord – in the life of individuals/communities – cities/areas (regions) – nations.

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Jacky comes from Zürich, Switzerland. Together with his sister he grew up in a protestant rather liberal oriented family. At the age of 25 he found to a living faith in Jesus Christ. His first experiences in his Christian walk happened in a charismatic free church. In 1983, after working for 12 years as an electronic technician he enrolled in a discipleship school and subsequently (afterwards) the School for Mission and Leadership with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Altensteig, Germany. First as member of staff and later as leader, he invested the following 8 years in the area of seminars and teaching. For a period of 2 years he was part of the center’s leadership. During this time, he developed his dynamic teaching ministry and served in teaching classes and seminars in YWAM as well as in different churches (congregations). 1992 he enrolled in an education to be a licensed trainer with DISC. As team leader and speaker he earned national as well as international experience in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Israel, Kenia, Namibia, Chile and the Philippines.

Angela was born in Ingolstadt, Germany. Together with her 2 younger sisters she grew up in a catholic family. In 1975 she enrolled in a nursing school in Munich and worked afterwards for almost 9 years as a nurse. In the fall of 1983 she attended the discipleship school (DTS) with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) at Schloss Hurlach. 2 years prior to this, Angela participated in a missions’ conference in Berlin where she declared her willingness to go everywhere, where God would send her. Right at the beginning of her DTS she recognized this as a calling to YWAM. During the following years of work and leadership in teaching ministry as well as in different practical areas she enrolled in further vocational training courses. In 1988 she attended the basic course for biblical counseling at the University of Nations (UofN) in England. During her work in counseling she surprisingly received a clear call to prayer ministry. For this reason, she participated in the first school for intercession, worship and strategic prayer in Lausanne in 1990. Then, in 1992 she helped to pioneer this school in Scotland and afterwards came to YWAM in Altensteig in order to multiply this also in the German speaking area. There she met her future husband J. As a single woman she served with short term missions teams, as speaker und with strategic prayer groups to USA, Egypt, Israel, India, Switzerland, Spain, Scotland, Philippines and Chile.

As a married couple they moved to the former(then) YWAM center in Bispingen in 1995. Here Angela received her training as color and fashion advisor for women and men with TypColor.

During that time, she also ministered in China and Bulgaria.

Since her further life story is closely connected with the ministry they founded (established) together

By the time of their wedding, Jacky was already involved in teaching, ministering to churches in the frame of YWAM Altensteig. Angela had been serving for several years in ministry of intersession. From the very beginning of their journey as a married couple God spoke very clearly concerning their calling into a joint ministry. The mutual completion became clear very quickly and they were searching for a suitable (adequate) name for their ministry. During preparation for the school of intercession, worship and strategic prayer in 1996 in Bispingen, Lüneburger Heide in the northern part of Germany, Jacky designed a flyer with the motto: Make Way! The name HIGHWAY-Ministries came up in Angela’s mind and soon it was confirmed for both of them in prayer and it became clear that this should be the name of their ministry, based on Isaiah 40:3-5: Make way to the Lord – in the life of individuals/communities – cities/regions – nations –  HIGHWAY-Ministries was born!

In 1998 they were called to Scotland. In 2000 they took over the YWAM’s prayer (intercession) ministry and started to build up HIGHWAY-Ministries in Scotland. Schools of intercession including strategic prayer assignments had been held on an annual basis and several leaders of schools were trained. In addition, they received education(training) in two excellent leadership schools in Scotland and England also were part of staff. Those experiences had been very beneficial in leading their teams of staff and for Jacky in the leadership team of the center with great success. After 5 years they left behind a strong ministry team that was separated in a teaching- and an intercession team. Most of the then team members (of that time) are today leader of their own ministries in various countries.

During fall 2005 they felt the strong calling to move back to northern Germany and joined YWAM Eutin.

After 20 years of mainly teaching ministry within YWAM it became clear that the time of leading 3 - 6 month courses had come to an end. The strong desire of their hearts is to provide this broad treasure of experience to the body of Christ on a broader level. Therefore, they developed their seminars in schools and churches and in addition there was more time available for networking. In 2008 they became representatives of YWAM Germany at “Round Table for Prayer”.

Together they organized Strategic prayer campaigns in Turkey and Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Angela participated in prayer campaigns in Strasbourg, Luxemburg, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw, and Prague. Jacky took part in a campaign in Ireland. Additionally, they coached individuals as well as church leadership teams.

In 2012 they accepted an invitation to move to Constance in southern Germany, were they are involved with ‘House of Prayer at lake Constance’, part of Kingdom Impact, in Dettingen, Constance since April 2013 as a local expression of their ministry. 2017 together with Mike & Kay Chance, the leaders of "Arise!" and Monika Flach & Esther Baumann, the leaders of "KINGDOM IMPACT" (KI) they formed a team that carries the vision of KI. As a team they strengthen each other in their friendship, anointings and ministries and seek God about his visions & goals for Germany and the Nations.

Alongside (parallel to) they carry on their national and international ministry focusing on: teaching, prayer and leadership training. They keep developing HIGHWAY-Ministries continuously.

Our participants say that

  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    This week of Prayer was really intense! But Hey, who will exchange this for a wellness week, when you can take part in such a thrilling outreach write history with God.

    - Teammember of the Destiny Tour Denmark and Norway
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Jacky, once again you've lead us trough your teaching week on a higher spiritual level as a school and prepared us so well for the upcoming outreach phase. Thank you very much!  (the power of a clean conscience)

    - School leader of Ywam
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    During our week of prayer and fasting the Krättli’s served us in a wonderful way. All generations received something and for all of us,  Prayer was revealed in a fresh way which will accompany us now. Thank you very much!

    - Churchleader FCG Stockach
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Mein Leben wurde durch die PRAY! echt verändert, freier, lebendiger... jetzt darf ich selbst zum „Fackelträger“ werden :) 

    - Teilnehmerin PRAY!
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Ein super Training, sehr praxisnah und sofort im Alltag anwendbar, da exzellent, authentisch gelehrt. Unsere Gebetszeiten haben sich verändert!

    - Teilnehmerin PRAY!