Our seminar- and counseling services cover only part of our needed income. As a married couple we keep investing ourselves for many years in fellow believers and in teams equipping them to do an important and valuable job that impacts in the Kingdom of God throughout the world. Often they are not able to fully cover our travel costs or even cover them at all not to speak about paying an honorarium for our work. Our prayer ministry and campaigns often require higher costs. Therefore, we depend on partners in ministry who enable us to continue our work as they support us financially, either on a regular basis or by selective donations for certain projects, to make those possible. In case you might be interested in supporting our ministry in the one or other way, we would love to answer your questions in a personal conversation, either on the phone or by e-mail.   Thank you!

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Thank you very much for concidering it prayerfully!


Jacky Krättli:   
Angela Krättli: 

Our participants say that

  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    This week of Prayer was really intense! But Hey, who will exchange this for a wellness week, when you can take part in such a thrilling outreach write history with God.

    - Teammember of the Destiny Tour Denmark and Norway
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Jacky, once again you've lead us trough your teaching week on a higher spiritual level as a school and prepared us so well for the upcoming outreach phase. Thank you very much!  (the power of a clean conscience)

    - School leader of Ywam
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    During our week of prayer and fasting the Krättli’s served us in a wonderful way. All generations received something and for all of us,  Prayer was revealed in a fresh way which will accompany us now. Thank you very much!

    - Churchleader FCG Stockach
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Mein Leben wurde durch die PRAY! echt verändert, freier, lebendiger... jetzt darf ich selbst zum „Fackelträger“ werden :) 

    - Teilnehmerin PRAY!
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Ein super Training, sehr praxisnah und sofort im Alltag anwendbar, da exzellent, authentisch gelehrt. Unsere Gebetszeiten haben sich verändert!

    - Teilnehmerin PRAY!