Verantwortlicher für redaktionelle Inhalte
gemäß § 55 Abs. 2 RStV:

Jakob Krättli
Christlicher Lehrdienst
Weidenstr. 17
88512 Mengen

Telefon: 07572 48 10 291

Our participants say that

  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    This week of Prayer was really intense! But Hey, who will exchange this for a wellness week, when you can take part in such a thrilling outreach write history with God.

    - Teammember of the Destiny Tour Denmark and Norway
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Jacky, once again you've lead us trough your teaching week on a higher spiritual level as a school and prepared us so well for the upcoming outreach phase. Thank you very much!  (the power of a clean conscience)

    - School leader of Ywam
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    During our week of prayer and fasting the Krättli’s served us in a wonderful way. All generations received something and for all of us,  Prayer was revealed in a fresh way which will accompany us now. Thank you very much!

    - Churchleader FCG Stockach