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It is our concern to prepare the way for the Lord, the King of Kings, the Father of all life & the Holy Spirit!

The Bible also calls God's people bride and royal priesthood. In these two vocations, we want to help individuals and groups to recognize their identity and their mission and to grow further in it. We do this through extensive teaching, practical training sessions, prayer and personal support.

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jacky-und-angela.jpgAngela & Jacky Krättli


Our participants say that

  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    This week of Prayer was really intense! But Hey, who will exchange this for a wellness week, when you can take part in such a thrilling outreach write history with God.

    - Teammember of the Destiny Tour Denmark and Norway
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    Jacky, once again you've lead us trough your teaching week on a higher spiritual level as a school and prepared us so well for the upcoming outreach phase. Thank you very much!  (the power of a clean conscience)

    - School leader of Ywam
  • Teilnehmer-Stimme

    During our week of prayer and fasting the Krättli’s served us in a wonderful way. All generations received something and for all of us,  Prayer was revealed in a fresh way which will accompany us now. Thank you very much!

    - Churchleader FCG Stockach